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How Digital HOI Marketplaces Could Make Your Carrier or Agent Partnership Obsolete (February 2018)

Best Practices for Servicing Oversight (February 2018)

A New Frontier – Fulfilling the CRA’s Mandate through Innovation (January 2018)

HMDA – It’s Not Just About the Data (November 2017)

Understanding True Property Tax Rates Across the Country: An Apples-to-Apples Comparison (October 2017)

Hidden Costs in Loan Fraud Investigation (August 2017)

Facing Compliance Unknowns with Get-Ready Know-How (August 2017)

Distinguishing Between a Real Internal Audit and an ‘Imitation’ (August 2017)

Vendor Risk Management: Four Principles for a Great Program (July 2017)

Reforming Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (June 2017)

What is Your Time Worth? (June 2017)

PACT Technology Helps Solve New CFPB Rule Changes on Periodic Statements in Bankruptcy (June 2017)

Big Data, Alphabet Soup, and Advanced Analytics Add Up to Compliance Made Simpler (April 2017)

Money Trap: Servicing Loans in Bankruptcy (February 2017)

Six ‘Day 1 Certainty’ Benefits that Reduce Lender Risk (January 2017)

Q&A: Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty (December 2016)

The State of Affairs (December 2016)

Change in America: Transforming the Way We Look at the Mortgage Process (November 2016)

Co-Marketing vs. MSA: Where to Go? (October 2016)

Four Things Mortgage Companies Must Do to Avoid Marketing Compliance Violations (October 2016)

Ensuring Ongoing ECOA Compliance with the Help of Technology (July 2016)

EAD: Who’s Helping You Adjust? (July 2016)

Why State AMC Laws are Making Lenders Nervous (June 2016)

Appraiser and AMC USPAP Compliance: Who Cares? (May 2016)

DocMagic Unveils its New Total eClosing Solution (April 2016)

eClosing, Your Evolution Into a New World (April 2016)

Defense, Defense (March 2016)

When Zero is Good for Your Bottom Line (March 2016)

How to Successfully Transition to Using the FHA’s EAD Portal (February 2016)

Keys to Effective Law Firm Vendor Management (December 2015)


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