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Subscription-header-300x140Mortgage Compliance Magazine will bring you up-to-date news and articles to help you understand and implement rules and regulations such as what to expect “when the CFPB comes to visit you.” It covers state-by-state newly proposed and enacted laws and regulations and many other compliance-related issues. You’ll find topics and articles that are relevant to mortgage compliance professionals.



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  1. Your weekly news letter for October 23, 2015 discusses reverse mortgages. However, on page 3, you discuss various requirements and discuss the GFE and the HUD-I RESPA requirements.

    The Loan Estimate has replaced the GFE and the Closing Disclosure has replaced the HUD-I. In fact, your weekly news letter has no discussion at all about the new requirements/regulations of “TRID”.

    The GFE and the HUD-I ceased on October 3, 2015. You should really note this in your next news letter. This may be very confusing to professionals in the mortgage lending industry.

    Thank you.

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