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Saddle Up and Join Us Deep in the Heart of Texas!           

The American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR) Annual Regulatory Conference, the Mortgage Compliance Professionals Association of America (MCPAOA) Workshop, and the NMLS Ombudsman Meeting all are coming to the Hyatt Regency San Antonio the week of July 31. Even for a state as vast as Texas, this may be too big!

The MCPAOA starts off the week on July 31 with a “Deep in the Heart of Compliance” workshop featuring industry experts and CFPB staff addressing latest updates on the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Fair Lending, CFPB Examinations, and TRID / KBYO developments. This exclusive workshop is for MCPAOA members.

The NMLS Ombudsman meeting is a free and open meeting on the morning of August 1. The meeting will be led by Scott Corscadden, who is also the Supervisor for the Bureau of Loans for the Alabama State Banking Department. The agenda for the meeting is not final at this time, but the discussion between regulators and industry users of NMLS will center on NMLS policy and operational issues. Some policy matters are advanced at the Ombudsman meeting, with the never ending goal for a modern and efficient financial services regulatory system.

The 28th Annual Regulatory Conference hosted by AARMR will feature policy and NMLS system issues, cybersecurity, state regulatory hot topics, and the Industry Advisory Council group discussion on the role of state regulators. This discussion is meant to go beyond to how to utilize the NMLS in a more consistent manner, better ways to coordinate multi state examinations and how to align on mortgage regulatory policy and administrative procedure. Details and registration at www.aarmr.org

The AARMR conference provides a genuine opportunity to effect change in how mortgage regulators understand the business and the companies working to provide housing finance today. A few short years ago, there were many state licensing tests in addition to the national test. The concept of a uniform state test (UST) based on the common foundation of the model SAFE requirements evolved over many discussions and several years. The two South Carolina mortgage regulators have approved the UST and are now the 56th and 57th state agencies to adopt. This would never have been possible without the open and frank discussions held at public meetings like AARMR.

The networking opportunities and open discussions are unequaled at AARMR, with a Meet Your Regulators Breakfast, breaks between sessions, and several evening receptions to meet fellow industry professionals and state regulators. There is also an all attendee round table that has been great to inform and diffuse difficult sticking points between industry and regulators. These discussions and insights learned are the basis for advancement.

The ability to politely discuss the points on which we do not agree is the basis of a common understanding and true advancement toward modern and efficient regulatory system. What does it mean to you? I suggest y’all saddle up and share your thoughts in San Antonio.

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