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HMDA Final Rule Overview – CFPB Video

This CFPB video provides an overview of the HMDA final rule issued by the CFPB on October 15, 2015. Additional material and resources to help you understand and implement the HMDA final rule are available at http://www.consumerfinance.gov/policy-compliance/guidance/implementation-guidance/hmda-implementation/

This video is an hour and six minutes long. For your convenience, provided below are links to specific sections of the video.

i. Introduction and Background (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M)
ii. Institutional Coverage (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=4m26s)
iii. Transactional Coverage (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=18m2s)
iv. Which entity reports the transaction (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=43m46s)
v. Data Submission Process (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=48m15s)
vi. Quarterly Reporting (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=49m53s)
vii. Disclosure of data (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=52m28s)
viii. Effective dates (https://youtu.be/Arm9XL-Am9M?t=55m28s)


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