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Mortgage companies have seen many changes, but one of the most confusing may be one of their own creation: when a company contemplates a change in ownership and investigates the options to effect this change. This process can be confusing when you review the notice periods and individual state notice …

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Data to Grow On

Data to Grow On The Mortgage Industry Report for 2016 was recently posted on the NMLS Resource Center with some good news. This report is published annually and compiles the data concerning those people and entities in the NMLS who conduct mortgage activities. This information is made available for your …

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NMLS 2.0 Development Update

NMLS 2.0 development is off to a renewed start. Sharing my comment from the Ombudsman Meeting in Austin might make you believe I am negative on that—but not so. The statement was made in response to comments issues that will be addressed by NMLS 2.0. While there are many challenges …

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Headlines in NMLS News

The NMLS and Agency News detailed on the NMLS Resource Center will keep you up-to-date. Many of the stories may not be mortgage-specific, but this information will keep you in the know on system expansion, maintenance updates, and more valuable news. Arkansas is 54th State to Adopt the UST: The …

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Austin City Limits – NMLS Conference

The Ninth Annual NMLS Conference will visit the capital of Texas February 13-16. Attendees might wonder about the city’s unofficial motto:“Keeping Austin Weird.” Austin is known for a unique blend of music and culture, but the city’s official slogan is “The Live Music Capital of the World.” The unusual may …

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